LA Philharmonic / Hollywood Bowl

I worked on the 2019 LA Phil/Hollywood Bowl campaign materials, including web banners, study guides, postcards, merchandise, and signage.

Limited edition run of merchandise for John Williams:

Imagine Grapefruits

In order to amplify BREATHEWATCHLISTENTOUCH (a tribute to Yoko Ono, presented as part of the Fluxus Festival), LA Philharmonic constructed a pre-concert event to engage community partners and their audiences in a fluid and natural way focused on feminism, music composition, latinx, Avant Garde, multimedia, art & social change, technology, creativity, and art spaces. This project is called Imagine Grapefruits.

Imagine Grapefruits is a pre-concert marketplace of ideas that makes space for a wide scope of local arts programs, DJs, book presses, and artist collectives led primarily by people of color, women, and non-binary makers and creators.

Web banners for Fluxus event BREATHEWATCHLISTENTOUCH

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